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I am known for giving MetroCard Origami away to random people
in the subway system and various places that I visit in NYC.

GMA / GMO Collection ( gold metrocard art / gold metrocard origami )

If you are interested in this unique artwork, please send me
a message via the Contact Link at the bottom of this page and
I can arrange to ship one to you. Shipping fees may apply.
Please be aware that I DO wash the MetroCards prior to
assembly so you do not have to worry about cleanliness. :-)

Searching for the terms "MetroCard Origami", "metrocardorigami",
or "MetroCard Art" on social media sites such as Flickr and
Instagram will yield results of photos and video clips.

MetroCard Origami Album

MetroCard Origami Album on my FLICKR

My Art

My ART on my FLICKR ( current )

My ART on my FLICKR ( legacy )


( @realdjthink )

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#teamwork on #christmas 2016 Thank You Mom!


Abstract MetroCard Modular Origami Construction in 3D [ THINK ]

Presenting : SDV Canvas [ THINK ]

Turntable Scratch Automation in Maschinations TWA (demo) [ THINK ]
from TH!NK

introducing Vinyl Scratch Template / Templating in Houdini [ THINK ]
from TH!NK

folding INTERLOCKING MetroCard Origami (Walk-Through)
from TH!NK

folding special edition metrocard origami (cuboctahedron)
from TH!NK

SDVISUALIZER: Designing Across The Senses (Shortened Demo)
from TH!NK

SDVISUALIZER: Designing Across The Senses (Demo)
from TH!NK

THINK (f. Saw Lady) "She Sawed My Piano In Four"
[extended version xxl]
from DJ THINK on Vimeo.

"Maschinations EP Composition 1 (v1)" [THINK]
from Sir Thinkable on Vimeo.



MetroCard Origami [blueprint]
from TH!NK

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