I am known for giving MetroCard Origami away to random people
in the subway system and various places that I visit in NYC.

GMA / GMO Collection ( gold metrocard art / gold metrocard origami )

If you are interested in this unique artwork, please send me
a message via the Contact Link at the bottom of this page and
I can arrange to ship one to you. Shipping fees may apply.
Please be aware that I DO wash the MetroCards prior to
assembly so you do not have to worry about cleanliness. :-)

Searching for the terms "MetroCard Origami", "metrocardorigami",
or "MetroCard Art" on social media sites such as Flickr and
Instagram will yield results of photos and video clips.

( @realdjthink )

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#teamwork on #christmas 2016 Thank You Mom!


introducing Vinyl Scratch Template / Templating in Houdini [ THINK ]
from TH!NK

folding INTERLOCKING MetroCard Origami (Walk-Through)
from TH!NK

folding special edition metrocard origami (cuboctahedron)
from TH!NK

SDVISUALIZER: Designing Across The Senses (Shortened Demo)
from TH!NK

SDVISUALIZER: Designing Across The Senses (Demo)
from TH!NK

THINK (f. Saw Lady) "She Sawed My Piano In Four"
[extended version xxl]
from DJ THINK on Vimeo.

"Maschinations EP Composition 1 (v1)" [THINK]
from Sir Thinkable on Vimeo.


MetroCard Origami [blueprint]

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