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THINK f Saw Lady She Sawed My Piano In Four [extended version xxl] from DJ THINK on Vimeo.

FreeStyle Photoshop Sketch [TH!NK] (1-to-1 time) from Sir Thinkable on Vimeo.

Writers: Rakim, Krsone, JeanGrae, Tarik Trotter.
Composed,spoken,and scratched by TH!NK.

Turntable Lyrics:

"I paid in full for my melody.
That's why I remain calm.
Cool cause I don't get upset.
I'm just think think thinkin of a master plan.
I use ink and memory.
Everything I'm thinkin you're already deliverin it.
I think I'm off the hook but I'm simply a phoney.

Special thanks. Demetrious Jones. DJ Supreme the Grandmaster. Kheedim Oh. DJ RBI. DJ Dirty Ice (Mr Hu). Michelle Wright. Sheila Jacobs. Charles Deveaux. DJ Analyze. DJ Eskimo. Adekoye Adams. Jenga Mwendo. Brett Cook Dizney. Stefan Prosky. Dr. Tosha Grantham. Dr. Tritobia Benjamin. Prof. Al Smith. Todd Brous. Jared Lowder. Kareem Collie. Grimm Real. FoxazBeats. Kamilah Forbes. Ayanna Gregory. One9. DJ Bobby Hill. Ruth Fishman.Toni Blackman. Kokayi Issa. Priest Da Nomad. Frank Ski and Larry G. The mighty Numarx. Ski and Ultra. Jamal Sally. Jesse Rowe. Mahmud and Coulomb. Tarkwan Allah. Kobie Nettles. Sherwin Miller. Coby Kennedy. Phil and Dave. Hassan Kinley. Marc Griffin. Prof. Selmon. Prof. Winston Kennedy. Ta-Nehisi Coates and Kenyatta Matthews. Zakee Sabree. Reginald Royston. Oluwatoyin Tella. Fong-Sai-U. DJ Iran Waller. DJ Celo. DJ Jay-Ski. Ladawn James and Brock. DJ Young Guru. Greg Reid. Conisha Wade. Nicole Smith. Chana Garcia. DJ Trauma.

Maschinations EP composition 1. Rendered 28 Jul 2015. Upload to .

DJ Think: Maschinations [Ep]

Remix Analog Compilation 001 [THINK] by djthinkable Aka Dj TH!NK on Mixcloud

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