aka René Toussaint

DJ THINK realdjthink of LineArt
creates Custom Printed Modular Origami
from Plastic ID Cards (Fargo CR 80.10 ten mil)
using an Evolis Primacy printer

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I am known for giving MetroCard Origami away to random people
in the subway system and various places that I visit in NYC.

GMA / GMO Collection ( gold metrocard art / gold metrocard origami )

If you are interested in this unique artwork, please send me
a message via the Contact Link at the bottom of this page and
I can arrange to ship one to you. Shipping fees may apply.
Please be aware that I DO wash the MetroCards prior to
assembly so you do not have to worry about cleanliness. :-)

Searching for the terms "MetroCard Origami", "metrocardorigami",
or "MetroCard Art" on social media sites such as Flickr and
Instagram will yield results of photos and video clips.

MetroCard Origami Album

MetroCard Origami Album on my FLICKR

My Art

My ART on my FLICKR ( current )

My ART on my FLICKR ( legacy )

Portrait Style Art on Flickr (Album Link)

Portrait Style Art by DJ THINK

Review of Preet Srivastava "IndianArtAndClothing" (Etsy) Tote Bag

Review of Queen Preet / Preet Srivastava Indian Art And Clothing Tote Bag (Etsy) 2019

I really really love this Tote Bag by Queen Preet / Preet Srivastava
( Instagram: @queenpreet ).
Originally I had bought a Vera Bradley Tote Bag for the expressed purpose of handing out MetroCard Origami and Modular Origami ( available on my Etsy via ) and I was thrilled when I had first bought that bag.

Then Queen Preet sent me a message (we are close friends) about her Etsy Store and to see if there was anything there I might want to shop for. I saw indeed that she had a Tote Bag (a smaller one typical for carrying paperback books to read on the subway; many teachers carry these types of bags) and I did buy it and did a review on my phone... my phone does not allow me to type a lot.

It turned out that the initial bag I bought did not allow me to carry all of the Origami units and various other things I needed to tote around with ease. While it was great for the meeting I had to attend and allowed me to carry my documents in a very nice flat way, I needed more room for the origami and pens, shipping tape, and spare MetroCards and Plastic ID Cards that I use to construct the Origami I hand out to strangers in the Big Apple.

I mentioned all of this to Queen Preet who took detailed notes and got to work. She quickly responded with a new post that showed her new bag, after she took note of the dimensions that I needed. I looked at the Etsy listing and decided that this just might be perfect for me!

And once I received it a few days ago I found out it in fact was even better than my Vera Bradley bag for the reason that 1) it was designed by a friend of mine, 2) it has leather straps which allow the bag to stay on my shoulders better than the Vera Bradley cloth straps, and 3) that particular image which is a painting entitled Pachuca was the VERY REASON I wanted to become friends with Queen Preet. Years ago she came into my job asking for prints of this painting and I was floored by its sheer beauty and impact and I was so happy to print them for her that we exchanged information. She ended up using them on a design for her business cards (a design I made in Adobe Illustrator) and it has been one of her most successful pieces of art to date.

I encourage anyone with a need for a Tote Bag that is roomy and that has a satin interior with one large zipper pouch on one side on the inside and 3 evenly divided smaller pockets on the opposite side on the inside ... to consider buying this particular bag. It is very fashionable and reflects the quality of artist that Queen Preet has been from an early age. It is a reflection of her direct Indian Heritage and it speaks to her times when she lived in Brooklyn NYC. I give this bag 5 stars, 5 mics, 5 balloons, 5 Yassss's, 5 apples, and 5+ Ten Dollar Bills!

#teamwork on #christmas 2016 Thank You Mom!



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DJ Project for Preet Srivastava, Very Much Unfinished 2018 [THINK]
from DJ THINK on Vimeo.

Lyrical Faith Poetry : Our Lives Matter Bonus Clip [THINK]
from DJ THINK on Vimeo.

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Lyrical Faith Poetry : Our Lives Matter [graphics by THINK]
from DJ THINK on Vimeo.

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THINK (f. Saw Lady) "She Sawed My Piano In Four"
[extended version xxl]
from DJ THINK on Vimeo.

"Maschinations EP Composition 1 (v1)" [THINK]
from Sir Thinkable on Vimeo.

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Abstract MetroCard Modular Origami Construction in 3D [ THINK ]

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Presenting : SDV Canvas [ THINK ]

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Turntable Scratch Automation in Maschinations TWA (demo) [ THINK ]
from TH!NK

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introducing Vinyl Scratch Template / Templating in Houdini [ THINK ]
from TH!NK

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folding INTERLOCKING MetroCard Origami (Walk-Through)
from TH!NK

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folding special edition metrocard origami (cuboctahedron)
from TH!NK

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SDVISUALIZER: Designing Across The Senses (Shortened Demo)
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SDVISUALIZER: Designing Across The Senses (Demo)
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MetroCard Origami [blueprint]
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